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February 2006

Newsletter VHL 033 10/February/2006

ISSN 1809-6859

Contribution of INFOMED to the Cuban healthcare system is theme of a scientific article

INFOMED is the theme of an article published in the JMIR, based on research conducted in 2003 by Ann C. Séror, Ph.D. from the Department of Administration of the School of Administrative Sciences, Laval University, Quebec, Canada. The research was nominated for the Carolyn Dexter Award of innovation in analysis methodology
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BIREME and BNS/ISCIII continue to strengthen SciELO and VHL Spain

On January 16-21, 2006, Solange Maria dos Santos, librarian of the SciELO Collegiate and Asael Costa da Silva, system analyst from the Cooperative Information Services management of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, went to Madrid to work with the Biblioteca Nacional de Salud, Instituto de Salud Carlos III (BNS/ISCIII) professionals, for methodological update and training activities
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Abel Packer's article on VHL is published in the journal Interface

The most recent issue of the journal Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação presents an article written by BIREME/PAHO/WHO Director Abel Packer, on the collective construction of the Virtual Health Library (VHL). The journal also published an article by Rogério da Costa, manager of Methodology and Information Technology (MTI) of BIREME, and by the researcher from the Faculdade de Medicina da USP, Ricardo Teixeira, director of the Centro Saúde Escola Butantã (CSEB/FMUSP), have articles published on this issue. The article of the BIREME's director is on the VHL collective development
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ScienTI Network will discuss 2006/07 Action Plan in a meeting in Colombia, in April

ScienTI Network is one of the networks that comprise the BIREME/PAHO/WHO mission, which contributes to disseminating scientific and technical health information. One of the most recent successes of the network took place at the Inter-institutional Committee (IC) meeting, held in Salvador, Bahia, in 2005, during the 4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL: preparing the Action Plan for 2006-2007. The next meeting will be held in the second half of April, in Bogota, Colombia
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Research on public health communications is supported by BIREME and published as a scientific article

The article Hacia un modelo de comunicación en salud pública en Latin America y el Caribe, by César Macías-Chapula, was published in the Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública in December 2005. The research described in the article was financed by BIREME/PAHO/WHO in 2002/03, aiming to encourage investigations about scientific production in Latin America and the Caribbean, using the databases available at the VHL
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AGORA and HINARI triggered the first qualification course for Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa and East Timor

The First Qualification Course in Portuguese was held in Maputo, Mozambique, on January 24 to 26, 2006, for trainees in the use of the Health Inter-Network Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) and the Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA). The ePORTUGUÊS network, an initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), supported by BIREME/PAHO/WHO, was established to disseminate information on health in Portuguese, and invited and encouraged participation of all focal points in four other Portuguese-speaking countries from Africa and East Timor, in Asia
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