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May 2006

Newsletter VHL 044 12/May/2006

ISSN 1809-6859

eLAC2007 motivates meeting of representatives from LA&C countries in Portugal

In a meeting held in Lisbon, on April 27, 2006, representatives from LA&C countries gathered to discuss the goals of the Plans of Action for Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (LA&C) - eLAC2007. Rogério da Costa, manager of Information Methodologies and Technologies (MTI), represented the BIREME/PAHO/WHO. The VHL, SciELO and ScienTI Network, contribute with the Plan of Action eLA2007 by promoting equitable access to scientific and technical information
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WHO launches new standard for children growth

The children of worldwide have the same growth potential, reveals the new International WHO Child Growth Standard launched by World Health Organization (WHO), at the end of April 2006. It was based on the results of a multi-centric study, with data collected on the growth of children of various nationalities and ethnic groups, wrapping a sample of over eight thousand children of Brazil, Gana, India, Norway, Oman and the United States. According to LEE Jong-Wook, Director-General of WHO, the new Standard will contribute to support every child to get the best change to develop in the most important formative years. It will also be used to reduce the mortality and diseases in the infancy. In Editorial published in the issue of March/April 2004 of the Jornal de Pediatria of SciELO Brazil collection, Mercedes de Onis, and César Victora anticipated the progresses meant of the new standard
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VHL advances in bibliographic searches

The growing complexity of bibliographic searches involves both, the selection of the sources of information most adequate to the query as well as assessing the results. Users have to continuously improve their capacity to use tools and different search options, and simultaneously develop a critical spirit in the appraisal of the results. The VHL provides a network of information sources besides different searching methods and contributes to promoting free access to scientific knowledge on health
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BIREME evaluates the adoption of "Creative Commons" for the VHL and SciELO networks

The system of licenses known as "Creative Commons" offers innovative possibilities of treatment of the right of access and use of contents operated in the Internet, that ranges from the traditional "all the copyright" up to the "public domain" going through a major variety of options of access and use. THE BIREME/PAHO/WHO is promoting the study of "Creative Commons" to provide the networks VHL, SciELO, and ScienTI with greater capacity and mechanisms to specify with transparency the attributes of access and use of the sources of information made available in its interfaces
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Public Policies of information and Virtual Libraries were focal point in Info 2006 in Cuba

The formulation, implementation, and monitoring of national and regional policies of scientific and technical information, and the development of the virtual libraries in AL&C, were highlights in special sessions of the International Congress of Information (Info) 2006, held in Havana, Cuba, from April 17 to 21, 2006. The event was organized by IDICT, of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment of Cuba. Pedro Urra, Director of INFOMED, institution that it coordinates the VHL Cuba, was paid homage at the opening ceremony of the event, beside Margarita Almada, of the Centro Universitario de Investigación Bibliotecológica, of the UNAM and Emilio Setien Quesada, of the Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de la Habana. Abel L. Packer, Director of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, was one of the invited panelists
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International Forum of Free Software gathers representatives of 24 countries

From 19 and 22 April 2006, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil it was held the 7º International Forum of Free Software (Fisl7.0), an event that registered the participation of over 5 thousand professionals, representatives of 24 countries of the world, which set a new a record of audience. Milton Lapido, coordinator of development from the Information Methodology and Technology Management (MTI), represented the BIREME/PAHO/WHO. The free software is particularly important in order to ensure the development of the networks VHL, SciELO, and ScienTI in all the countries of AL&C, considering the diversity of conditions they face in adopting proprietary technologies of information. THE BIREME is constantly updating on the subject, besides to share in discussion communities on the topic
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