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June 2006

Newsletter VHL 049 23/June/2006

ISSN 1809-6859

Renewed cooperation between Spain and the VHL and SciELO networks

Spain plays in the VHL and SciELO networks to promote management and online operation of scientific and technical information on health by means of the BNCS of the ISCIII as from 1999, based on a cooperation agreement with BIREME/PAHO/WHO and within the scope of the cooperation agreement between Spain and the WHO. Since the beginning of 2006, the BNCS operates the VHL site with Spanish sources of information, in which the IBECS index stands out. It operates the SciELO collection with 24 Spanish scientific journals and contributes to BIREME by translating the DeCS concepts into Spanish. In a follow-up meeting on the cooperation agreement, held in the PAHO headquarters, on June 6-7, 2006, it was agreed to renew the cooperation agreement to develop the VHL and SciELO
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CNPq supports the ScienTI Network since its establishment

The Lattes Platform (CNPq) is the major technological system for managing and processing information used by the ScienTI Network in national directories of researchers of countries that are part of the network in the Region. The Lattes Platform has enabled the operation of the ScienTI Network and has allowed the emergence of new technological solutions in the network to meet the specific needs of each country and to increase interoperability across directories. In addition to Latin America and Portugal, the Lattes Platform was installed in Mozambique with the support of CNPq. In Brazil, the system operates online collection, storage, organization and publication of academic data of approximately 580,000 Brazilian researchers
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Journal Estudos Avançados celebrates success at SciELO

The Institute of Advanced Studies (IEA/USP) organized On May 31st, 2006 a panel of researchers and specialists on scientific communication and dissemination dedicated to scientific publishing in open access, with a special focus on the SciELO publication model. The meeting celebrated the end of the retrospective digitalization project of the journal Estudos Avançados, starting with its first issue, published in 1987. Therefore, in May 2006, its online collection in SciELO Brazil totaled 56 issues, over 1108 documents (343 of them are citable articles). The progress in using the collection stands out, reaching a total of 233,533 downloads in May. With this, Estudos Avançados ranks third among the most accessed journals at SciELO Brazil, after Cadernos de Saúde Pública and Revista de Saúde Pública
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World Blood Donor Day: informing to raise awareness

Created in 2004 by the WHO, the World Blood Donor Day, June 14th, is celebrated in more than 70 countries with the objective of build awareness about the need for safe blood in blood banks worldwide and, primarily, to recognize those volunteer donors who allow many people to survive. To inform, build awareness and encourage donations so as to increase their number are some of its context. Blood transfusions, enough donors to supply blood banks and safe storage of donated blood are three key points the WHO established to ensure the success of the blood donation and life saving process
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Courses on LILACS e LILDBI-Web are held in Brazil and Ecuador

With the objective of improving the bibliographic control of scientific and technical literature in Latin America and the Caribbean and promoting the VHL, BIREME/PAHO/WHO promotes in 2006 in the countries of the Region, training programs on LILACS methodology, using the Web version of the LILDBI application (LILDBI-Web), which is available in three languages. In Brazil, 28 professionals took part in training sessions in Brasília (DF) and São Paulo. There will be a training course in Ecuador at the end of July, 2006 and the schedule for courses in Central America and the Caribbean (in English) will be announced shortly
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FAPESP's VL CDi celebrates its first anniversary

The implantation and development of the VL CDi of FAPESP , to also contribute to the institutional memory of FAPESP, has the support of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, CNPq, SIBi/USP and Labjor/UNICAMP. One year after its launching, the library already has over 6,000 records available for the public, distributed across different sources of information that include bibliographic references, full text documents, event directories, patents and research projects, tribute gallery and scientific dissemination news. The VL CDi of FAPESP is also considered a model for information and knowledge management of other foment agencies in the Latin America and the Caribbean
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