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July 2006

Newsletter VHL 051 07/July/2006

ISSN 1809-6859

UNESCO and BIREME support development of a new ISIS platform

Specialists in information systems of the ISIS family for management of bibliographic products and services, met on May 15 and 16, 2006, in the headquarters of UNESCO, in Paris. Considering the historical importance of ISIS and the demand for its updating, it was recommended to develop a new solution in free software based on the proposal presented by BIREME/PAHO/WHO. The meeting was coordinated by Jean-Claude Dauphin, a specialist of the Information Society Program of the UNESCO, and attended by representatives from several institutions that use the software. BIREME is one of these institutions and was represented by its Director, Abel L. Packer
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With record number 1 billion, LILACS integrates the WorldCat of OCLC

As from June 2006, the LILACS records have also been available at the WorldCat, of the OCLC, which will enable accessing them through more than 53 thousand libraries and their communities of users. Worldcat is a catalogue of bibliographic records from around the world, which is maintained by over 9 thousand institutions, including the BIREME/PAHO/WHO. By adding the LILACS database, the WorldCat surpassed one billion records. A total of 317 thousand new records from LILACS were added to the WorldCat in 4 languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The OCLC also includes in its catalogues, since 2004, full text scientific articles published by SciELO. At BIREME, Ernesto Spinak (FIR/AFI) coordinated the process
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Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico integrate the LEYES network

In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from June 6-9, 2006, another training coursefor decentralized operation of the LEYES was held. The main objective of this initiative is to strengthen dissemination and access to health legislation in the VHL for Spanish-speaking countries in LA&C. Rosário Gusmán, in charge of the Documentation and Information Center of PAHO Representation in the Dominican Republic, and Mónica Bolis, regional advisor of PAHO, organized the event. Luciano Duarte, librarian (FIR/AFI) at the BIREME/PAHO/WHO, gave the training course, which had representatives from seven institutions specialized in legislation and health in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico
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ScienTI Network researcher directory: Argentina and Chile are already operating with Web Services

Aiming to promote integrated searches of national researchers at the ScienTI Regional Portal, international science, technology and innovation agencies from Argentina e Chile finished developing their Web Services. With interoperation possibilities opened with Web Services, the ScienTI Network increases its capability to provide public access to national directories of researchers increases, as well as national, regional and international visibility and presence of human resources in science, technology and innovation
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Portals of scientific journals: Referential SIs of the VHL

Among the referential sources of information (SIs) operated at the VHL, the Portal of Scientific Journals stand out. Its records refer to over 13000 titles of health-related scientific journals. A cooperative product of the VHL Network, the portal organizes the access to collections of over 7000 titles of journals plus their collections present in 82 libraries. It also aggregates information on the availability and the access mode to electronic journals of more than 5000 titles, be it through initiatives such as the SciELO Journal Portal, HINARI, CAPES [for Brazil] among other initiatives
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Advisory Committee of the VHL - Health Economics is held in Brasilia

The First Meeting of the Advisory Committee of the VHL ECOS was held on June 8, 2006, in Brasilia. It was organized by DES/SCTIE of Ministry of Health and by BIREME/PAHO/WHO, and was attended by representatives of ANVISA, CONASEMS, FEPECS, IPEA, UFMG. The VHL ECOS promotes a space to manage sources of information and knowledge oriented to health care managers and professionals, as well as the general public, to assure the successful compliance of the proposals from the Centro Nacional de Informação em Economia da Saúde, Farmacoeconomia, Avaliação e Inovação Tecnológica
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