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August 2006

Newsletter VHL 055 04/August/2006

ISSN 1809-6859

CRICS 8 will be held in Colombia in 2007

Colombia was elected to host the CRICS 8, the most important international event on scientific and technical information in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a space for meeting, dialogue, and exchange of information and experiences of the main national and regional scientific and technical information networks VHL, SciELO and ScienTI, which are in consolidation in Colombia. The Colombian institutions in the Advisory Committee of the VHL, together with PAHO, through the BIREME/PAHO/WHO and its Representative in Colombia, are organizing the CRICS8. The wealth of science, culture and art of the country, allied with congeniality, joy, hospitality and friendship of the Colombian people predict a remarkable congress
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National Commitment Letter for the development of the VHL Paraguay

The commitment to develop the VHL Paraguay as a public asset and progressively a national reference space for scientific and technical information on health, was assumed by the authorities from the main research, education, and health institutions in that country. The commitment was formalized by signing the letter of commitment, in a public act on July 7th, 2006, in Asuncion. The initiative is headed by the Ministerio de Salud y Bienestar Social through its INS and with the cooperation of PAHO, by means of its Representative in Paraguay and of BIREME/PAHO/WHO. The initiative is also supported by approximately 30 Paraguayan institutions
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Stanalyst interface with SciELO is in final implementation

The first version of the Stanalyst system for Linux platform to operate SciELO databases is in final implementation. The system developed by INIST/CNRS enables infometrics and bibliometrics studies on the subsets of bibliographic records. The project to adjust the system to SciELO and later to the VHL is promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and involves the INIS/CNRS, CONCyT from Chile, CAICYT and RICYT from Argentina and BIREME/PAHO/WHO. The project advances were discussed in a meeting held in Argentina, on July 17-23, 2006. Fabio Batalha, system analyst of the SciELO Unit, at BIREME, participated in the activity
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VHL Station is opened in Rio Grande do Sul

Approximately 80 people participated in the launching of the VHL Station in Porto Alegre, on July 28, 2006, at the Escola de Saúde Pública (ESP) do Rio Grande do Sul. The initiative led by the Ministry of Health, together with the State Secretariats of Health and the BIREME/PAHO/WHO, and has already provided VHL Stations in 17 Brazilian states. The opening ceremony was attended by the Director of the ESP, Mario Silveira, the coordinator of the CEIDS/ESP, Maria Sílvia Lessa, the coordinator of DES, Elias Jorge, the representative of CGDI, Shirlei Rodrigues Gonçalves, both from the Ministry of Health and by Cláudia Guzzo, librarian at the SCI management of BIREME
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SciELO Brazil: New hardware and connectivity platform

The SciELO Brazil collection has a new connectivity and server platform providing access to articles of over 160 titles of quality journals in all fields of knowledge. This change of platform aims to meet the increasing demand of access to the collection and render quality services with high availability. The access to collection articles has exponentially grown in the past two years, with a monthly average of 5.2 million articles visited from March to June 2006, accounting for 1500 GigaBytes transfered in a single month. A new update of the platform is scheduled for the near future. The same phenomenon occurs in other SciELO network collections
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VHL Dentistry Brazil: librarians of the network are brought up to date in the methodology

A team of 16 librarians from several states of Brazil which participate of the network of the VHL Dentistry attended on a training about the VHL model of management of information and knowledge methodologies in BIREME/PAHO/WHO at the beginning of August. Telma de Carvalho, director of SDO of the USP and Claudia Guzzo, librarian SCI in the BIREME coordinated the activity. The librarians and information professionals on the area, who operate the sources of information on the VHL Dentistry, have a long and exemplary networking experience, as shows the cooperative production of the database Brazilian Bibliography in Dentistry (BBO), which covers the scientific output and Brazilian technique since 1986
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