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September 2006

Newsletter VHL 059 01/September/2006

ISSN 1809-6859
8th Brazilian Congress on Collective Health of the 11th World Congress on Public Health, Special Edition

Director of PAHO participates in the meeting of the National Advisory Committee of BIREME

The importance of BIREME/PAHO/WHO as a Specialized Center of the PAHO on health scientific and technical information and the actions to promote its institutional strengthening and financial sustainability were discussed in the recent meeting of its National Advisory Committee. Held in Rio of Janeiro, Brazil, on August 24, 2006, the meeting was coordinated by the Director of PAHO, Mirta Roses Periago which constituted and important landmark in the process and in the dialogue between the Brazilian signatories and the PAHO. Held in an atmosphere of cooperation and dialogue, the meeting had the participation of PAHO and of BIREME
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Declaration of Rio emphasizes that results of research should be made public

The Declaration of Rio, a synthesis of the 8th Brazilian Congress on Collective Health of the 11th World Congress on Public Health, held in Rio de Janeiro, on August 21st-25, 2006, stated that globalization "produced a vicious cycle, with increased inequalities leading to poverty and social exclusion, worsening life conditions, deteriorating health and, in turn, extending even more social inequalities within and among countries". Moreover, it acknowledges that "there are several paths that may lead to breaking this cycle, towards a new model of development, in which the population will benefit from global prosperity and live with better health". The declaration emphasizes "the results of scientific research should be published, available and incorporated into public policy formulation and interventions in health". Several activities were directly related to publishing and access to information and evidence from scientific research
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WHO presents strategies to put knowledge and practice in global health closer

"Bridging the know-do gap in global health" was the topic of the presentation by Ariel Pablos-Méndez, Responsible for KMS, of the WHO, during the 8th Brazilian Congress on Collective Health and the 11th World Congress on Public Health, held in Rio de Janeiro, on August 21st-25, 2006. The presentation had three main axes representing the theoretical approach the WHO developed for formulating the global strategy of knowledge management in international public health, including lines of action that involve the active collaboration of countries and regions, as well as implementations. The PAHO is responsible for these lines of action in the Americas, through its IKM Area. Nísia Trindade Lima, Scientific editor of the Editora FIOCRUZ coordinated the activity on the morning of the last day of the congress, August 25
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Clinical trials should be registered before publication in LILACS and SciELO journals

The adoption of clinical trial register in Latin America and Caribbean countries, in compliance with the rules and standards defined by the WHO in the international clinical trials registry platform (ICTPR), was the topic of the workshop, held in Rio de Janeiro, on August 21st, before the 11th World Congress on Public Health, from August 21st to 25th, 2006. The congress also had a panel on this theme. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Health, through the DECIT/SCTIE, FIOCRUZ and PAHO, through its Health Research Support Unit and BIREME/PAHO/WHO. One of the recommendations adopted is that journals indexed at LILACS and SciELO must require previous register of clinical trials reported in articles in a registry recognized by the WHO
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Scientific Communication discussed in several spaces of the World Public Health Congress

An innovative activity was launched during the 11th World Congress on Public Health to discuss issues related to production of scientific books and journals - the Health & Letters Space. In a relaxed environment, different specialists were invited every day to debate specific topics with the participants, such as cost of book production in Brazil, new information technologies and scientific communication. Another space that stood out and took place before the congress, was the Forum of Scientific Editors in Public Health. Its discussions and recommendations were expanded to the Meeting of the SciELO Public Health Advisory Committee, held on August 21st. Scientific communication was also approached in other workshops held before the Congress, such as the Forum of Coordinators of Graduate Courses in Collective Health and the Workshop on Collective Health, as well as in scientific production media
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10th Meeting of the VHL Public Health Brazil Advisory Committee analyses projects for 2006-2007

The 10th Meeting of the VHL Public Health Brazil Advisory Committee was held at the FSP/USP, in São Paulo, on August 14th, 2006, and was attended by all its members. The main goal of the meeting was to present and assess proposals for specific projects, financially supported by the Ministry of Health, for 2006-2007. In addition to ongoing projects, the proposals include innovative projects, such as the identification, organization and dissemination of scientific and technical evidence and practices recommended to improve the processes of participatory management and social control of the SUS. The meeting debated specifically about the collective construction of the VHL, its strengthening within the SUS, promotion of equitable access and expansion of bibliographic control of scientific and technical production. The current international and national development status of the VHL was also considered
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