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September/October 2007

Newsletter VHL 076 31/October/2007

ISSN 1809-6859

PAHO highlights the role of information and scientific knowledge for the development of health

One of the commitments of the PAHO to meet the Millennium Development Goals is to promote the management and democratization of information and knowledge by means of technical cooperation actions. Mirta Roses Periago, Director, has highlighted in her speeches the importance of policies to promote equitative access to health information and knowledge for the development of health. In the piece Salud en las Americas 2007, released in the beginning of October 2007, research, access, and the use of scientific information were highlighted, with special recognition to the information networks coordinated by the PAHO through BIREME/PAHO/WHO
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LILACS and SciELO Journals take part in the Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development initiative

In the month of October 2007, the Council of Science Editors (CSE) promoted the simultaneous publication of scientific papers on poverty and human development in more than 30 countries. Named ‘Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development‘, the initiative counted with publications in 235 journals. Among them, journals indexed in LILACS and SciELO were also part of the strategy. The objective is to promote the communication of scientific information, fostering research and drawing attention to poverty and human development. Until December, other journals should be involved in the publication of such themes
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ScienTI Network advancements were discussed in meeting in Colombia

Gathered in Bogotá, Colombia, 14 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean were represented in the 1st Technical Meeting of the project "Strengthening the ScienTI Network in Latin America and the Caribbean". The event opened with the welcoming speech of Juan Francisco Miranda, General Director of COLCIENCIAS - the headquarters of ScienTI Network Executive Secretariat since October 2006. Important technical themes were presented by representatives from National Science and Technology Bodies of the attending countries (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Equator, Honduras, México, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela), International Science and Technology Bodies, and BIREME/PAHO/WHO
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VHL Health History and Cultural Heritage

VHL Health History and Cultural Heritage (VHL HHCH) aims at strengthening and incorporating this theme as an integral part of the health systems of Latin American and Caribbean countries. Started in 2005, the activities of the institutions participating in the cooperation to develop the VHL HHCH aim at promoting social awareness on the importance of the theme for the development of health. One of these activities was the meeting held in August 2007, in Santiago, Chile, whose conclusions and recommendations will guide the future of the cooperative network
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VHL course on methodologies and technologies provides update to professionals of 13 countries of the region

As part of its continued education technical cooperation program, BIREME held the course "Permanent Training on the Virtual Health Library (VHL)", which was taught in Spanish and had the attendance of more than 30 professionals from 13 countries in Latin America. As part of the PAHO technical cooperation program, the VHL has as its main functions to continuously train information and IT professionals in state-of-the-art management of information and scientific and technical knowledge in health
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Managing LILACS and SciELO scientific journals is the theme of courses in Costa Rica and Honduras

Scientific publishers of Costa Rica and Honduras attended a course carried out by the VHL technical cooperation program to help them overcome local difficulties and specific situations in each of their countries in terms of scientific publications represented in the VHL database and international bases. The scientific program of the course aimed to contribute to improve the quality of scientific journals in the Region and to provide higher representativeness in LILACS and SciELO. The courses were offered with national institutions with the support of BIREME/PAHO/WHO
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