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May/June 2008

Newsletter VHL 080 06/June/2008

ISSN 1809-6859

1st Latin American Conference on Research and Innovation for Health - Recommendations

In April 2008, the city of Rio of Janeiro hosted the 1st Latin American Conference on Research and Innovation for Health. The event strengthened the regional debate on strategies, actions and cooperation in science, technology and innovation in health. There were over 120 Latin American representatives from development agencies and international organizations, including the Director of the PAHO, Mirta Roses Periago. The conclusions of the conference will be presented at the 5th Regional Coordination Meeting of the Virtual Health Library (VHL5), on September 14-16, 2008
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VHL Chile has a new National Advisory Committee

The VHL Chile has formally renewed its National Advisory Committee for the period 2008-2009. It comprises public health, research, education, history and health cultural heritage institutions. The committee coordinates the cooperative work, defines and guides the quality criteria for inclusion of sources of information and plays other roles that strengthen and make democratic access to information one of the essential conditions to develop health
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Ecuador shares strategic planning for the VHL

The Virtual Health Library in Ecuador keeps the consolidation process and started implementing its strategic planning for 2008-2012. Alliances among institutions, based on promoting and strengthening access to national and international scientific information are included in the planning for the VHL Ecuador, as a fundamental tool to support decision-making processes in health. In the past ten years, the initiative has grown and gathered efforts to develop health by disseminating quality scientific and technical information
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Primary healthcare is the theme of a panel in Honduras

A public meeting to share ideas, concepts and experiences and to address different dimensions, actions and strategies to strengthen and renew primary healthcare (PH) was held in Honduras. The event was promoted by the PAHO Representative in the country and synthesized the opinions of the national healthcare system authorities. It was attended by primary healthcare experts, tutors of the Public Health Virtual Campus (PHVC), among others who discussed PH as an integral part of the health policy in the country
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ISIS-NBP is presented at the International Free Software Forum

The project Integrated Scientific Information System - Network Based Platform (ISIS-NBP) was the topic of one lecture at the 9th International Free Software Forum (fisl9.0), held in Brazil, in mid April 2008. The effort aims to update the technological platform of the ISIS system to store and retrieve textual information and is headed by BIREME/PAHO/WHO, with the support of UNESCO. The ISIS platform operates most product and service databases of the VHL and SciELO. The proposal of the ISIS-NBP is to cooperatively achieve a contemporary model of development and operation of network applications, providing expedite new services, better performance and reduced maintenance, so as to be adopted more broadly
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VLL@ (BV@L) - Latin America Virtual Library under consolidation

The VLL@ (BV@L) is under development as a Project to promote greater regional integration, including cultural, political, economic and social relations among Latin American countries. The Fundação Memorial da América Latina is heading this initiative and adopting the VHL model and the SciELO methodology, with cooperation of BIREME/PAHO/WHO and FAPESP. The sources of information and knowledge produced and intermediated by the Memorial and the Latin American Library Victor Civita are available at the VLL@ (BV@L) to contribute to conservation and dissemination of, as well as democratic access to scientific, social and cultural heritage of the region
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