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September 2008

Newsletter VHL 083 10/September/2008

ISSN 1809-6859

Globalization and flows of information in health systems open the CRICS8 program

With the theme "Scientific information and knowledge for innovation in health", the 8th Regional Congress on Health Sciences Information (CRICS8) will be held in Rio de Janeiro, on September 16-19, 2008. The scientific program starts on Sept. 16, with the key address by Ronald Labonté (University of Ottawa - Canada), on globalization and social and economic challenges for a more health equitable world. With converging topics, the panels 1 and 2, on Sept. 17, will take into account the challenges of health systems in the global flow of scientific and technical information, particularly in developing countries
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Management of information, knowledge and evidence: innovations indicate new solutions in health

On Sept.18, the CRICS8 presentations will focus on changes and innovations in management of scientific information, knowledge and evidence. The panels 5, 6 and 7 will analyze critical topics, such as evidence-based health policies; information systems and infrastructures to meet the needs of health systems; use of the web for the so-called scientific cyberinfrastructures; the role of information and knowledge in the processes of introducing technological innovations in health systems; and examples of advances in scientific and technical information systems at national, regional and global levels
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Innovation on interoperability, learning and social networks are approached in CRICS8 panels

The panels 10 and 11 at the CRICS8, to be held on Sept. 17, will analyze the decisive contributions for continuous improvement in the processes of management and operation of information and communication technologies in health systems: the interoperability of sources of information, and cooperation and learning to develop contents in a network. The speakers will address policies and programs to expand incorporation of information and knowledge in health systems, enhancing exchange of information and learning experiences
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Accessibility, training and social networks as innovation factors in health

Increased access and training of users, as well as strengthening the social networks represent challenges to the movement to democratize access to quality scientific information in the field of health. The demand for greater digital inclusion and solutions will be dealt with in three panels of the scientific program of the CRICS8: panel 4 (Sept. 17), panel 8 (Sept. 18) and panel 9 (Sept. 19), which will take into account the advance of open access, informational literacy, quality information and the role of the society in innovation
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The social conditions influencing in health and information networks

Panel 3 (on Sept. 17), in the scientific program of CRICS8, will examine the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) based on the reports of the DSH commission/WHO and of the National Commission from Brazil, as well as on the experience of an information system from the United States to monitor health inequalities that affect different social groups. The panel will address the use of scientific evidence by governments and the civil society to act on health determinants in order to promote equity in health
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VHL5 celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Virtual Health Library

In 2008, the VHL completes ten years and through a collective work it consolidates as an integral part of the health research, education and service systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. The progress of the VHL and its results as an strategy for technical cooperation and a model of management of scientific information and knowledge will make the core of the VHL5 (5th Regional Coordination Meeting of the Virtual Health Library), to take place in Rio de Janeiro, on September 14-16, 2008, before the CRICS8. This is the most important forum with participants from VHL Network institutions. There will be 15 parallel meetings gathering relevant initiatives related to the VHL and complementary networks
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