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October 2009

Newsletter VHL 093 05/October/2009

ISSN 1809-6859

NECOBELAC, SciELO and VHL networks participate in the Open Access Week

The first Open Access Week will take place on October 19-23 and will gather events all over the world. The purpose is to enhance perception and understanding of Open Access (OA) for scientific research and communication with an emphasis on access policies of research funding organizations throughout the world. NECOBELAC, VHL and SciELO networks participate in a meeting in Rome, on October 19, focused on development of the open access movement in public health in Latin America, Caribbean and Europe
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ABCD/ISIS System is assessed by experts in Buenos Aires

The Administration of Libraries and Documentation Centers system (ABCD) of the ISIS software family based on the Web received a detailed technical evaluation by specialists in library automation systems, who gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 1st-4, 2009. This was the second evaluation workshop organized in collaboration with institutions and specialists from Latin America, Europe and Africa, as part of the BIREME program to launch the ABCD/ISIS version 1.0, scheduled for December 2009
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Bolivia now integrates the SciELO Network

Bolivia is the 16th country to integrate the SciELO network with the online publication in open access of a collection of national journals aiming to enhance visibility at national and international levels. The Ministry of Science and Technology of Bolivia leads the project, with the support of a national network of research and scientific communication institutions, as well as international cooperation, particularly the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), through its Representative in Bolivia and BIREME
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The theme Influenza A (H1N1) brings innovation to VHL network of contents

The Influenza A (H1N1) portal at the VHL publishes an updated collection of sources of information, including scientific literature, plans and technical orientations of national and international agencies, directories and multimedia. The portal complements the communication actions of the PAHO and WHO, giving priority to quality and updated information, oriented to researchers, professionals and the general public. Among the sources of information, the Blog Influenza A (H1N1) addresses critical topics related to virology, diagnosis and treatment
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VHL Public Health Surveillance from Colombia strengthens its social network

In August, the meeting of the National Advisory Committee discussed and indicated new proposals to advance Public Health Surveillance at the VHL of Colombia. The meeting was attended by representatives of 26 national and international health institutions. Among the activities developed, the training of collaborators of the Biblioteca General de la Universidad Nacional de Colômbia, demonstrated the expansion of social and content networks at the VHL Colombia
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Former Director Fernando Rodríguez Alonso significantly contributed to the history of the BIREME

The history of BIREME and memories of those who lived with Fernando Rodríguez Alonso, recall his professional leadership and solidarity. Among his contribution to the development of BIREME and scientific health information in Latin America and the Caribbean, networking and methodological and technological innovation stand out. He was the Director of BIREME from 1982 to 1990, and died on August 17, in Madri, Spain
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