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February/March 2010

Newsletter VHL 097 10/March/2010

ISSN 1809-6859

NECOBELAC holds course on scientific writing and open access

The Network of Collaboration Between Europe and Latin American-Caribbean Countries (NECOBELAC) holds the first course on scientific publication on public health. The course is mainly targeted at professionals from the South Cone countries, in Latin America, and will be organized in cooperation with BIREME/PAHO/WHO, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 13-15, 2009
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The network Tropical Diseases Research to Foster Innovation and Knowledge Application ( is led by TDR/WHO and supported by BIREME/PAHO/WHO. It is on its third year of operation and aims to be a reference on information management and exchange of scientific knowledge on poverty-related infectious diseases. The positive results anticipate innovation in network products, services and technologies from 2010
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Project enables access to essential rare works in biodiversity

The project for digitization and online publication of a collection of essential works in biodiversity, selected from Brazilian libraries, initiated with a technical workshop held in Sao Paulo, on February 2010. The collection will integrate the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) network. The project is subsidized by the World Bank, led by the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), carried out by the Museum of Zoology of the University of São Paulo (MZ/USP) and supported by BIREME/PAHO/WHO
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Blog on sanitary right operates at VHL

The blog "Right to Health: Health and Citizenship" conveys analysis and reports prepared by specialists, with focus on promotion and strengthening the Unified Health System (SUS) in Brazil, towards equity in healthcare. The blog is developed in cooperation with BIREME/PAHO/WHO, as a functionality of Learning and Informed Environments (AAI), one of the three working dimensions at the Virtual Health Library (VHL)
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Open Educational Resources integrate VHL and CVSP networks

The Open Educational Resources Network (OER) has successfully expanded the decentralized operation of institutional repositories, which make up national networks and the regional network. The methodologies of operation and management of the network were updated and reviewed with members of the networks in a workshop held at BIREME/PAHO/WHO, in December 2009. The OER comprises the networks of Public Health Virtual Campus (CVSP) and VHL, from Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
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One century of the journal Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz is available at SciELO

The publication of the complete collection of the journal Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz in SciELO Brazil collection will enable fast and easy search of historical articles published as from 1909. The journal has the highest impact factor among the biomedical publications in Latin America. Other 15 journals adopted the same solution
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