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June/May 2010

Newsletter VHL 100 31/May/2010

ISSN 1809-6859

The basis of technical cooperation of BIREME and the VHL

The basic principles that currently are also the basis of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) model govern the evolution and operation of BIREME, as PAHO/WHO specialized center. Its contribution and impact on technical cooperation in information and scientific communication in health is based on networks interaction in the regional area, and, at the same time, with a vision of globalized world and of innovation for the organization of the sources and flows of information
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The impact and access to scientific communication in Latin America and the Caribbean

The VHL represents notable developments in the area of information and scientific communication in health. The progressive capacity and performance are presented in growing indicators in the region, from the access, to the publication, dissemination of the research and of the availability of scientific evidence for support of the policies, programs, and health services
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Proactivity in the indexed scientific output in the region

The scientific output of Latin America and the Caribbean presents a systematic growth above the world’s level, especially in the area of health sciences, that is strengthened by science, technology and innovation promotion policies. In this regard, the VHL develops in order to respond to the challenge of fostering the presence of the region in the international indexes of bibliometrics and scientometrics
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VHL as a regional and global public good

The VHL is a regional and global public good, a result from the collaborative construction by the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The technical cooperation for the VHL has advanced under the strategy of the promotion of equity of access to information and to knowledge which directly relates to the success of the equity in health of the populations. In this regard, the VHL is the model adopted in the region for 11 years accumulating notable and sustainable results
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Technological developments for the immediate future

In the perspective to move forward the development and operation of the VHL through its cooperative networks, it stands out priority lines of action in terms of methodologies and technologies, as well as measures to strengthen the equitable access to information, knowledge, and scientific evidence, which are determinant for the populations’ health. In this process it also stands out the modus operandi of learned and informed environments in the institutions of the VHL network, which integrates the advances on the ambit of the network
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Learning and Informed Environments on the institutional development of BIREME

The approval of the new statute of BIREME in 2009 renews its institutional, governance, operation, and financial framework in response to the growing breadth, density, and complexity of the functions performed by the center in the regional and global areas. To the reform, is added and strengthened the progresses of one of the most important strengths of the institution, the teamwork in network and an improving learning and informed environment which is implemented as a dimension of the operational framework of the VHL
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