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October/November 2010

Newsletter VHL 103 30/November/2010

ISSN 1809-6859

LILACS celebrates its 25th anniversary

The most important regional bibliographic index of scientific and technical production, LILACS (Latin American and Caribbean Literature on Health Sciences) celebrated its 25th anniversary on October 29. Developed in a decentralized manner, comprising 19 countries in the region, LILACS celebrates its history of contribution to increase visibility, access and quality of scientific and technical literature in Latin America and the Caribbean, gathering over 500 thousand document records, which are cooperatively input. LILACS is regionally coordinated by BIREME/PAHO/WHO and is available in open access at the VHL
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Inauguration of BIREME Advisory Committee

Within the new institutional framework of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, of its management and technical cooperation in the context of the VHL and associated networks, the inauguration session of the Advisory Committee off the Center was carried out at the PAHO/WHO headquarters. Mirta Roses Periago, Director of the Organization, pointed out the contribution of BIREME to the access and dissemination of the scientific and technical information in health during its 43 years, and thus reiterated the members of the committee: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Jamaica, Mexico, and Dominican Republic. The committee regulation was approved at the meeting
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2nd Workshop on the VHL approves the Declaration of Montevideo

The 2nd Workshop on the VHL in Uruguay was held on October 7, organized by the National Committee of the network in the country, and attended by over 320 professionals of information and other fields. The discussions in the event emphasized access to information and knowledge as crucial for the Latin American region, and resulted in the approval of the “Declaration of Montevideo on the VHL Model of BIREME”. The workshop was held within the context of the 2nd Uruguayan Congress of Librarianship and Information (CUBI II) and of the Regional Congress of Librarianship and Information (CORBI), simultaneously to the 33rd International Book Fair
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Seminar discusses performance of Brazilian journals in the JCR 2009

The "Seminar on performance of Brazilian journals in the JCR 2009" promoted the debate on the characteristics of the growing participation of Brazil in the index, which is an international reference to measure performance of scientific journals. In addition, the associated consequences and contexts were discussed, including the importance of publishing online journals, in open access in the SciELO Brazil collection, which is the case of 80% of the Brazilian journals in JCR. The seminar was held by the FAPESP, FapUNIFESP and FSP/USP. BIREME/PAHO/WHO cooperated with the organization of the event
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VHL Nursing builds up in Ibero-America

The 3rd Meeting of the Iberian American VHL Nursing Network was an opportunity to share experiences from different countries in the process of constructing the VHL Nursing, and to set guidelines and strategies at national and international levels to consolidate the network. The event took place in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, on August 29, and the BIREME/PAHO/WHO participated in the discussions and actions to promote the Network. The meeting was held together with the 4th International Meeting of the Nursing Network Organization, within the context of the 12th Pan American Colloquium of Research in Nursing
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VHL Guide 2011 is available for consultation

The Virtual Health Library (VHL) Guide 2011 expresses and socializes the VHL current state, its conceptual, methodological and operational bases. The document is available for public consultation, analyses and contributions from the VHL network and associated networks until January 6, 2011. This public consultation phase is fundamental for the collective construction of the document, which will become reference for the VHL network
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